Fuve™ Music - DISAGREE

This song is about letting go of crazy user-vampires who pretend to be your friend
 and then hate on you and try to slander you for letting them go.


if you wanna know all the answers
you just have to ask all the questions
you just have to have sense and reason
and not get hyped by signs of the seasons

i don't care if we disagree
but if you forsake me
it won't get you far
no secret we are
cut from the same star
like strings on a guitar

i wanna know
you wanna know
this is our time
an eternal sign
we can't fake it
we can make it
we will make it

i walk and i roooollll
im stupid and dumb
i rise up and i fall
but i wiiiilll shiiine ooooon

Soggy-Crunchy Guitar, Drippy Drums,
Vain Vocals, Lyrics, Music by & ©Fuve

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